Datacenter our company

Data centers we use to locate equipment.


DC in Netherland. Locatedd in Amsterdam. The throughput is ~ 2 TB / s. Certification - TIER III.


DC in Russian Federation. Located in Moscow. Provides protection against DDoS L3 / L4. Certification - TIER III.


DC in Germany. It is located in Frankfurt. The area is 67,000 m2. One of the largest in Germany. TIER III.


DC in USA. Is in Los Angeles. All popular uplinkes of the USA are connected. Certification - TIER III.

CloudSpace II

DC in Asia. Located in Singapore, in the autonomous building of Paia Lebar. Area - 14.400 square meters. Certification - TIER III.


DC in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of Naldeuik. Free protection from DDoS up to 5 Tbps. Certification - TIER III.

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